Monday, April 28, 2014

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The Concept

The Concept Mailing List
•You must have a huge collection of information on a certain subject before starting your own E-zine.

You can share mini tips, short stories, lessons, mini courses, or snippets on any topic of your choice with your subscribers.

You dispense bits of information to your subscribers on a periodical basis (preferably as regular as once a week) through E-mail.

Cost of joining your E-zine on the part of your subscribers is zero.
Preferably, the information you send to your subscribers are non-time sensitive, allowing you to compose your E-zine issues in advance.

For instance, you can compile 30 issues in a day and send each issue every week.

This means that you have just compiled content for 30 weeks in one day!

This would have been impossible to do if you are sharing time-sensitive information such as the latest natural disaster, celebrity news, etc.

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